Testimonials from Successful & Beloved Clients

As someone who has been pretty obsessed with fitness and health both personally and as a primary care physician, I can say with full confidence that Jessi is one of the absolute best personal trainers out there. She helped me go from being stuck at 15lbs of baby-weight with a knee issue to being the fittest, strongest and happiest with my body I have ever been. She focuses on the best, evidence-based nutrition for health and fat loss, excellent finely tuned workouts for each person’s body and is motivating as HECK to push through those walls. If you’re wondering if it’s ‘worth it’ to spend money on hiring her, Wonder no more. The answer is a resounding yes.”
— Annie

Jessi has made the daunting task of training understandable and exciting. Under her tutelage, I have accomplished exercises I thought impossible. Jessi has guided me through nutrition and has helped me become healthier and stronger. Jessi has changed my life for the better.
— Sue

Jessi is absolutely great! Not only did she 100% cater to my needs... but she gave me workouts specific to my needs and that I could actually do. She took my weight and measured my body fat without making me feel huge and helped me even come up with a meal plan for optimal results. The workout she gave me worked for ME. They got me excited to go to the gym and it wasn’t your everyday gym workout or just running on the treadmill. Jessi mixed it up and it was fun!
— Kjerstyn, @beautifywithkj
I have worked with Jessi for the past 5 years (ever since recognizing a need to be stronger after running a marathon). Above and beyond her consummate professionalism, our sessions are fun, funny, kick-ass, productive, and something I greatly look forward to, whether training for a run, healing from an injury, or just trying to get stronger. Working with Jessi is, simply put, a terrific experience for which I am most grateful!
— Amos