What are the pro’s & con’s of Online Coaching with you, Jessi?


  • It’s not in-person training. I can’t provide corrective exercise during the workout. This is a hard one for me because I loooooooove corrective exercise.

  • I’m not there to keep the schedule of the workout. Aka, “Time to stop resting Amazing Client!”


  • This is SO MUCH CHEAPER than in-person training; I currently charge upwards of $80 per in-person session. Doing online fitness coaching will literally save you thousands of dollars, & get you the same results.

  • You can be JUST AS SUCCESSFUL with online coaching as with in-person training, with a fraction of the price.

  • (Haha, I hope this is a pro) You get to work with me anyways, as I am taking no more in-person clients.

  • You workout on your own schedule, without worrying about your trainer’s availability. I like things being easier for my clients!

  • You workout at your own place of your choosing. No joining a new gym required. You can even workout at home!

  • You have access to the digital copies of all your workout programs that you can download and keep forever

  • After our Connection Appointments (my *second favorite part of online coaching), I email you a recap of our Connection Appointments.

    • This consists of our strategy for the week and your instructions therein, and any tips or hyperlinks I  deem necessary to make you successful.

    • I am the only online coach I know of who does this!

    • *first favorite is hearing my clients’ successes!

How do we measure my progress during my online coaching?

  • Body Composition changes: tape measurements in waist, hips, thighs, arms, etc.

  • Fitness assessments like a mile run (cardio), max push ups, 1RM of deadlift (strength)

  • Movement/ Form assessments like Squat, Push Up, Plank (muscle activation/ function, posture)

What will make me the most successful in your Coaching program?

Making the time. Doing the work. Make the time for your food and exercise, 85%. We all—you, me, Beyoncé—have 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week. Create the time. Make it a priority. I understand bumps in our lives, & we easily work with them. I am a realist, we can figure it out. If you can do 85% of your program, make 85% of our Connection Appointments, eat your best way 85%, you’ll be proud!!!

What if I have zero baby goals at this time, will you still work with me?

Oh yes, I love working with all women, with all baby goal levels. No judgement or shame over here, only hard work & empathy.

What makes you different/ better than other online fitness services?

I insist on Connection Appointments. I insist on you having the best possible experience with me. I also write a recap of our Connection Appointments, so you will always have something to refer back to forever. I’m the only fitness coach that I know of who does that.

How does starting Online Coaching work?

  1. Fill out the Pre-Qualifying “Apply for My Coaching Program” form above.

  2. I’ll send you an application form with more in-depth questions.

  3. You and I will discuss over a Zoom call about your program specifics, and if/when we agree, I’ll send over more specific pricing information.

  4. If you find the coaching offer and pricing is acceptable, we START!