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Nutrition Coaching & Recipes

Feel satisfied, feel content, feel fueled


We will go through three phases during Nutrition Coaching:

Phase One: Set the Foundation

You can't just work out really hard with the perfect exercises (I’m so sorry!). Food intake is more than half the battle with weight loss, maintenance, or gain. And here’s a spoiler alert: You don't have to be hungry all the time. You shouldn’t be hungry all the time. I have you track every single calorie on an app (like My Fitness Pal) to assess where you are excelling and where the opportunities are for improvement. I also have you fill out a Nutrition Coaching Google Form to figure out the foods you enjoy and not-so-much, any allergies, your biggest obstacles, and more.

Phase Two: Making the Changes

We will work together as a team to help redirect unhealthy and unhelpful behaviors into happy and encouraging ones. We will cover all (but not limited to) macronutrients, micronutrients, portion sizes, counting calories, damage control, self-acceptance, cooking basics, drive-thru emergencies, life emergencies, emotional eating, pin-pointing triggers, meal preparation, time management, acknowledging your weaknesses, and always celebrating your strengths. You will receive meal plan guidelines, recipes, and lots of communication with me.

Phase Three: Mindful Eating, Intuitive Eating

Now I’ve taught you everything you need to know on how to reach your goal, and you’ve done it! Now I teach you how to maintain it. I coach you on how to taper down your calorie-counting, and eat mindfully and intuitively.

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Coaching Options

What I would need from you:

  • Be female, ages 21-35

  • Have the financial means to invest in coaching

  • Fill out applications & be able to pay for services online

  • Have a minimum of 30 min/day for exercise + a few hours a weekend for meal prep

  • Willingness and integrity to do the work outs

  • Being truthful about how our plan is, or is not, working

  • Possibly to make small additional purchases, such as small workout bands, water bottles, etc, although not through me.

  • The more you open up to me, the more I can help and provide a better service!


12 Weeks of Nutrition Coaching with all 3 Phases

Appropriate for those who fulfill the above requirements & have a solid & functioning movement & exercise system. Also appropriate for prenatal or postnatal clients. After the program is complete, we decide together if you’d like to continue on a month-to-month payment plan. Your program will include:

  • Connection Appointments: a Zoom call per week for 30 min

  • Three personalized meal plan guidelines

  • 2x/week check-in

  • Accountability through calorie-tracking, making any changes we deem necessary

  • Narrowing down all the too-much information to apply to only you

  • Lifestyle guidelines on interacting with food/ meals, kitchen tips, etc

  • Emails with personalized instructions, recipes, anything else we deem necessary

=$160 - $225/ month


12 Weeks of Nutrition Coaching WITH Fitness Coaching & Personal Training Programs

It’s the best of both programs! This is the best option!

Appropriate for women who fulfill the above requirements. Also appropriate for prenatal or postnatal clients. After the program is complete, we decide together if you’d like to continue on a month-to-month payment plan. Your program will include:

  • Everything in the Nutrition Coaching with 3 Phases option above

  • ***Personalized workout programs; every day you have something to do

  • ***Personalized self-massage program

  • ***Accountability with assessments

  • ***Weekly adjustments to program via check-ins

  • ***Video messaging, like Marco Polo, is used between client and trainer to critique form of exercises

=$300 - $450/ month

Nutrition Coaching Packages

Online Nutrition Coaching, standby to hear from me so we can design your personalized coaching program

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